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A home is one of your largest purchases and, as such, one of your largest investments as well. That is why you want to be sure that you have homeowners insurance to protect it. There is no way to know if a fire will occur or if you will have a theft, but the insurance will help to cover the repairs or the replacement of your home or belongings. This can ensure that your risk is minimized and that your investment is covered as good as possible. Depending upon the coverage that you choose, your policy will pay out a certain amount to restore and repair your home and replace your belongings.


Homeowners insurance works very simply. You pay your premiums and when damage occurs, you can file a claim with the insurance company. They will then send out an adjustor who will evaluate your claim and estimate the cost of repair or replacement. This check is normally made out to the insured, but it can also be issued to the insured, as well as the repair company. If the home is a complete loss, a check will be issued to the lienholder to pay off your mortgage. If there are any funds left over, then the balance will be send to the homeowner.


You have different choices of home insurance policies, just as you do anything else. Each offers its own level of coverage, as well as type of coverage. Basic dwelling and fire policies will only give you coverage for the home’s structure, but more comprehensive coverage can be purchased as well that covers belongings and more. Certain items that have a high value may need a special policy. That is why you want to discuss your needs with your insurance agent.

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