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A motorcycle owner has a great deal of responsibility. In addition, they have an investment in their motorcycle. For these two things, you need to have motorcycle insurance coverage to help protect you and your motorcycle. Whether you are in an accident, your motorcycle is stolen, or it is vandalized, you want to have liability insurance, as well as property damage insurance on your motorcycle. This type of coverage is also used to cover ATVs, golf carts, snowmobiles, and mopeds.


If you are riding a motorcycle, you want to have at least a standard motorcycle policy. The state that you live in has a certain minimum amount of coverage that you have to have by law. Your motorcycle insurance policy will include liability coverage at a minimum, and you can add other features as well to protect your financial future. Comprehensive coverage protects you and your bike if it is damaged by deer collisions, fire, flooding, vandalism, or even theft.


Other coerage can also be included in your motorcycle insurance pacage. Uninsured motorcyclist coverage will protect you if the other driver (who is at fault) does not have insurance. Medical coverage will pay for any injuries that your personal health insurance policy will not cover if you are injured in an accident. Total loss replacement coverage will replace your totaled bike for actual cash value or the agreed upon value, depending upon your policy. Towing, customizations, and other costs can also be covered with the right insurance policy.


Rental vehicle coverage will provide you with a replacement bike while your own is being repaired or you can choose roadside assistance coverage that will cover repairs and towing if you have a breakdown on the road. By consulting your insurance agent, you will be able to create the motorcycle insurance package that will work best for you and your particular needs.

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